On September 14, 2010, I was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia / Megakaryocytic or AML M7. My prognosis is that I will make a full recovery with no long term side effects. I am so grateful for family, friends and angels that are surrounding me each and every day of this process. I love all of you! I hope you find my posts interesting as I share a little piece of me and some insights along this life changing journey.

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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Session 4 - Over half way done!

I was admitted to the hospital for my fourth round on New Year's Eve. I rang in the new year knowing that I'm over half way done with my chemo sessions. YAY ME!!! My Mom was with me and we had a great evening with just the two of us. The Kids Crew team brought us items to make some really cool New Year's hats. We had feathers, buttons, pipe cleaners and glue. I had a great time throwing the buttons on the floor and trying to eat them faster than my Mom could get them away from me and glue them on the hat. We danced and played and went to bed around 11 - too partied out to stay awake! I spent the first four days attached to George (my IV pump) getting my chemo medications. I really don't like staying in bed... but the four days were over before I knew it and I went into count recovery. Unfortunately my body is starting to realize that I'm getting chemo and I was nauseated from the start to the end of this round. My medications aren't much different - but I had a hard time. I was still my super happy self - just not as clean. :) Good thing the hospital has washers and dryers to use! I have some incredible nurses - My favorite nurse is named Irish. When he is taking care of me, he comes in and smells my feet and whistles that they are stiiiiinkyyyyy!! I just giggle and giggle over this and hold my feet out for more sniffs! I love getting into the pockets on their scrubs and Irish started putting treats into his pockets for me to find. This has ruined it for the rest of the nurses - I just pull out their chapstick and saline syringes. Tracy, one of my techs, comes in and colors with me and she even let me color on the walls! That will come back to haunt my mom later!! Thank heavens for Magic Erasers! I got really tired of being in my room during this session and started getting creative about my escape plans. Nurses and techs would come in the room and I would try to hide under the sink next to the door. As soon as the door opened - I was outta there! My Mom let me ride a cool car stroller around the halls for a while - I shouted WEEEE and HI to every single person I saw. Since most of the staff has taken care of me at some point, there were a lot of people to talk to on this adventure. Irish had brought a crazy stuffed monkey that danced and made lots of noise when you took his banana. That was fun! My count recovery was good and I was released after two weeks and five days. That was pretty awesome for my family! There are only so many times a person can watch the same Disney movies over and over again. I'm not sure my Mom will ever watch another Tinkerbell movie...

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